Walk-In Coolers On Steroids

Walk In Coolers

How would you like walk in coolers on steroids?

A cooler or freezer that not only keeps your product but actually makes you money. Many of the businesses we deal with are in areas that cannot expand their cold storage, they have run out of room. Why not purchase a cooler trailer and expand your business exponentially.

Our portable walk in coolers put you back in control of your business and allow your store front more productive space.

If you need:
• More cold storage space
• More Productive workspace
• Larger display area
• Expand your business exponentially
• Create more opportunity for your business
• Set your business apart from others
• Add delivery service

The addition of a Cooler Trailer is the cure. We have been helping small businesses to Fortune 500 companies for over a decade.

Just press the gas pedal and our walk in coolers and freezers will be in tow behind you.

Now you have a lot more possibilities for your business. Whether you are adding a profitable delivery service or just need to keep product for an expo or show our trailers are the perfect solution.
Unlike most refrigerated vans that will require special equipment and distinctly trained operative to restore, our portable walk in coolers can be repaired and maintained by any standard refrigeration tech. When considering the final cost of rent, maintenance, and mileage convenience, Cooler Trailers are certain to be an excellent choice for your business endeavors.

Ideal for all purposes, these coolers are extremely resourceful modes of space management and can make the difference between making a profit or not.

Depending on the need of those renting, these trailers are available in sizes that can range from eight to twelve feet, guaranteed to be in optimal working condition upon arrival. Each of these trailers is extremely easy to drive and maneuver and can be effortlessly parked.

Checkout our walk in coolers on video here.
Call today and get walk in coolers or freezers on steroids!

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Reefer Trailers Versus Portable Refrigerated Trailer

reefer trailers

Are you looking for an affordable solution to expensive reefer trailers?

Cooler Trailers provides  a cost effective and sensible answer. Any company or individual requiring the transport of refrigerated goods, consider the advantages of our portable refrigerated trailer.  Recent advances in refrigeration technology allow our refrigerated trailer to be more energy and cost effective than large reefer trailers.  Powered by 110 volts, our portable reefer trailers do not require special wiring and only require a generator for power while transporting your cargo.

Every business must utilize wise business planning and operating skills to make it in today’s economy.  If your business involves the transport and distribution of cold products and foods, you need a trusted refrigerated trailer and application that will provide the refrigeration you need on the budget you can afford.  Cooler Trailers also rents their small reefer trailers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on your schedule and your needs.  The fleet includes a variety of sizes in storage including 8-foot and 12-foot models, all completely clean and whisper quiet.

Still not convinced that our portable refrigerated trailer is the best alternative to reefer trailers, consider the functionality.

Our small reefer trailers are portable, easier to park, maneuver and only require fuel if using a generator for power. Refrigerated vans don’t hold enough cargo and large reefer trailers hold too much for the average business. In the event that your refrigerated van breaks down, repairs can be extremely costly, reducing your annual profits and taking away from the business. Cooler Trailers uses standard refrigeration that is modified for transport and any refrigeration mechanic can work on our equipment, which saves a bundle compared to high dollar specialists.

Choose an alternative to noisy and smelly reefer trailers and refrigerated vans, with the best in refrigerated trailers.

The cost of fuel is reaching an all-time high, and the cost of insurance increases on commercial vehicles daily, make a wise investment in a refrigerated trailer rather than costly reefer trailers.  Not only are these units compact for easy transport, they will cut down on your business overhead costs.  Keep cool and earn profits with our portable reefer trailers.

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Refrigerated Trailer versus Refrigerated Vans: Why Professionals Choose Trailers

refrigerated vans-refrigerated trailer

Save 90% on refrigerated vans-Please Read…

When emergency response agencies and venue managers or professional caterers, florists and event planners are arranging for their logistical needs, cold storage is always near the top of their list of considerations. Temperature-controlled transportation and storage can make or break an event, and can mean the difference between people receiving the emergency food and medicines they need, or going without. This makes their choice of portable cooler options one of the most important decisions they will make.

When considering options for temperature-controlled portable units, agencies and companies can select between full-size refrigerated trucks, full-size freezer trailers, refrigerated vans and compact cooler trailers.

Most companies immediately remove full-size options from the list and opt for more convenient options that are smaller and more functional. Smaller options are easier to maneuver, easier to park, take up less room and save on fuel. Compact trailers over refrigerated vans offer abundant space for cold storage without the hassles of ramps or the smell of diesel, which is required for full-size refrigerated trucks.

Refrigerated vans offer the convenience of easy maneuverability;

however, the costs and repairs associated with using refrigerated vans for cold storage should be taken into consideration. Opting for well-designed, compact cooler trailers that are insulated for increased energy efficiency, do not require high-dollar specialists to complete repairs, and provide the most convenience when it comes to flexibility and saving space is recognized as the best way for professionals to meet their portable storage needs.

When comparing portable refrigerated trailers and refrigerated vans, users will find that trailers provide a larger load capacity and allow them to save on insurance costs. Additionally, the trailers provided by Cooler Trailers can be easily serviced by any refrigeration technician, unlike refrigerated vans, which require expensive specialists. When taking into consideration the base cost of equipment, insurance costs, repair costs and differences in load capacity, users can easily save 90% when they choose a cooler trailer, rather than refrigerated vans.

Aside from these obvious, significant differences, there are numerous matters of convenience that make trailers a more functional choice. For example, if you are considering the purchase of a portable cold storage unit, a small trailer is the option that will allow you to set up your storage on-site and still have a vehicle available without arranging for a second driver to drive an extra vehicle to the event. A trailer allows you to use your tow vehicle for impromptu runs to pick up items that you may run out of or have forgotten, to drive back and forth to the hotel when working multi-day events or to use for any other transportation needs. Refrigerated vans do not allow this convenience and require you to either take your refrigerated storage with you each time you leave the event location, or go through the hassle of bringing a second vehicle to the event.

For both cost and convenience, cooler trailers are the top choice of professionals who need reliable, portable cold storage for their business. Visit us at http://www.coolertrailers.com to learn more about saving 90% over refrigerated vans and sign up for our specials and deals.

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Refrigerated Trailer| Reefer Trailers

Refrigerated trailer| reefer trailers

Cooler Trailers Inc. Reveal Their Latest Innovation: Portable Affordable Refrigerated Trailer.

Cooler Trailers, Inc, a nationally recognized leader in the refrigerated trailer business, announces their latest innovation: portable 8 to 12 foot cooler trailers, which provide an affordable alternative to the industry standard size 48 foot reefer trailers and refrigerated trucks.

Daytona Beach FL.  March 16, 2010 — Cooler Trailers, Inc., the recognized leader in high quality cooler trailers, is proud to announce their latest innovation, aimed at businesses looking for an affordable alternative to the large, expensive refrigerated trailer offered by most trailer rental companies.

Their portable 8 foot and 12 foot reefer trailers, which can be viewed by visiting www.coolertrailers.com, are specifically designed to meet the needs of smaller businesses that need a refrigerated truck or refrigerated trailer .

The portable reefer trailers are especially timely with the cost of diesel fuel running high and businesses struggling to trim their bottom lines in today’s stressed economy.

“Not everyone needs or has the space to rent a 48 tractor trailer or straight truck and pay a small fortune in diesel fuel to keep it running,”
according to Tom McBride, owner of Cooler Trailers, Inc.

“That’s why we developed our Cooler Trailers. They’re small portable reefer trailers that easily pull up to your business or home and plug into your 110 volt power. The 8’ and 12’ trailers are easy to fit almost anywhere and they’re whisper quiet.”

The trailers are the result of years of working with local businesses in their Daytona Beach area and listening closely to the needs of the business owners.

“We started out renting to our local market and got a lot of great feedback on how to build a portable refrigerated trailer that is helpful and unique to the refrigeration truck and trailer industry,” McBride explained. “Everyone is familiar with the big truck operators in this space but nobody was taking care of the needs of the smaller businesses.”

The trailers are used by customers in the restaurant industry, catering industry, special events and festivals industry, floral and wedding industry, and many more.

“Another breakthrough is the use of standard refrigeration in our units. We modify standard refrigeration for transportation use and once this is done, these units are more cost effective to repair and maintain than other systems,” according to McBride. “We can cool down well below freezing (-5 degrees) on a 110 volt system that requires 15 amps. Other companies require 25 amps or more and require a generator to run all the time.

Cooler Trailers Inc’s headquarters are in Daytona Beach, but they offer freezer trailers for sale or rent nationwide. Among their distinguished clientele are Coca-Cola, Anheiser-Busch, Sonic, Applebee’s, Longhorn Steakhouse, Stonewood Grill, Red Lobster, Wendy’s Hamburgers, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Krystal’s, Chili’s, Olive Garden, Friendly’s, Piccadilly, Ocean Spray and many more. These are just a few of many that recognize the value of our refrigerated trailer.

To find out more, visit refrigerated trailer or http://coolertrailers.com/refrigerated-trailers.html

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